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  1. Philip Michôd says:

    Michael has been excellent in the many times that we have used his service. Regardless of the level of difficulty, he never gives up unlike a number of his competitors.

    He is responsive and very savvy. I cannot say anymore else he will increase his reasonable prices.

  2. Lena says:

    Awesome service. Can’t speak highly enough of Michael. For those that are non-tech savv, Michael patiently explains things so you can understand. AAA+ customer service.

  3. Thank you for exceeding the typical customer service you would expect from your typical networking service provider. It’s evident that this company cares and values their business and client’s needs. Since Get A Tech’s arrival, your service has been exceptional.

    You’re a legend Michael.

  4. MeeMee says:

    Michael at Get A Tech did a fantastic job installing and setting up our new office cabling system and server rack. Get A Tech moved and set up our PBX phone system. Get A Tech also supplied and connected our fibre 400/400 broadband internet service, Get A Tech managed services saved the hassle of dealing with the network provider directly. The service was able to be brought forward weeks. Get A Tech also supplied a managed networking and WIFI solution that works. All this was done with no fuss and completed on time.

  5. Daniel says:

    I can’t say enough nice things about Michael at Get a Tech. After struggling with my internet connection for just over a month, he got me up and running within a day. Outstanding customer service, excellent knowledge of the industry and tech, and just all round good dude.

    100% recommend!

  6. Rob says:

    Michael provided great service. He went above and beyond to find my network issue and even followed up with Telstra on my behalf. I highly recommend his service to anyone.

  7. I would 100% recommend Michael from Get A Tech for any of your internet needs. For months I was struggling with connection drop outs and after we engaged Get A Tech, Michael had a new provider connect our service immediately and our internet has been perfect ever since. We instructed Michael to connect WIFI high speed internet through out our building as well as a cabled gigabyte solution. As all our tenants run businesses this is the most important part of our business. The entire process was very smooth and everyone is super happy with the ‘business grade symmetrical internet’ we now supply. If we ever have a queries Michael also responds very quickly.

  8. Ella says:

    Fantastic service and great to finally find a networking specialist who knows what to do to fix internet problems.

  9. Michael connected his managed internet and wi-fi throughout our Motel 3 story building. The service is excellent and we cannot fault. Our bookings have improved due to our guests loving the high speed internet. We also have tokens that allow us to manage out wi-fi customers. Best decission we made was to go with Get A Tech managed internet and network services. 3 years on and still its working perfectly.

  10. Michael recently installed fibre to our Melbourne CBD office, increasing our internet speed from 18 Mb/s to 400 Mb/s. Other suppliers quoted 2 to 3 months to deliver the service. Michael and his team completed installation in two weeks with no fuss. Everything went smoothly and we were delighted with Michael’s technical expertise and knowledge, and friendly manner.

  11. Sarah says:

    Michael is an absolute legend! After TPG connected our internet and informed us our apartment wasn’t connected to the MDF, I searched Whirlpool for advice and found Get a Tech.

    Michael was able to come over within the hour, fix the issue and configure our modem. He even did a speed test to make sure the connection was working well before leaving.

    We won’t hesitate to contact Get a Tech for any cabling and telecommunication jobs in the future, and will recommend them to everyone.

  12. Karen says:

    Michael responded by phone to my email request that I was having trouble with my internet continually dropping out. After asking many questions he suggested a brand and model no of a new router after he spoke to the sales department at an outlet close to where I live.
    He came to my home a few days later and installed new modem and router, all going great guns now, I am happy to would highly recommend Get A Tech.

  13. Kara says:

    What a great service. Prompt reply, professional service. Job completed in a timely manner. Excellent company. Would highly recommend their service and ability to fix the problem.

  14. Jennifer says:

    Quick, efficient and friendly service! My ADSL and phone line was fixed the same day! He made all the necessary calls to service providers and set up my computer for me. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

  15. Neil says:

    Michael was very professional and courteous. He fixed my MDF problem that TPG couldn’t and did it for a good price.

    He was quite fast to return my call, arrived on time and sorted out the issue quite quickly. He is very knowledgeable and seems to have been in the business for a long time.

    I highly recommend him to you.

  16. Jennie says:

    Michael fixed our internet which had been playing up forever – a great service, and very reasonably priced! Thanks!

  17. David White says:

    Michael solved my son’s flakey wireless internet connection in late December, and it’s been perfect ever since. He’s everything other testimonials have said of him: very professional, trustworthy and a nice man to deal with… on time, on budget, on target. “Go Michael, you legend!”

  18. Miriam says:

    Terrific company – Michael came for an after-hours call-out and within half an hour fixed a cabling problem I’d had for months. He was efficient and friendly and good at explaining what the problem was. Strongly recommend Get a Tech!

  19. Cale says:

    couldn’t have gone on living life with out the legend that is get a tech. now i can surf my way to clocking the web. what a legendary service!!

  20. Melissa says:

    I called Michael in a state of distress after trying to have my TPG internet hooked up and failing to do so. I had multiple technicians give me various explanations, with none of them actually fixing the problem, or caring to sort it out. Michael knew what the problem was right away (or at least knew enough to keep me calm), and went to the trouble of following up without me ever having to contact him. Furthermore, he called my TPG provider and remained in contact with them, so I didn’t have to deal with pesky technicians calling me and asking me questions I knew nothing about. He provided a great service, and I won’t hesitate to use him again, if need be.
    Thank you Michael!

  21. Jucy World says:

    Michael is awesome! He came out straight away when our phones and internet went down. He fixed up everything and knows exactly how to get things done and how to talk to the phone and internet companies. Hilarious guy who is a pleasure to deal with and will be our go to tech help from now on. He also did a follow up with us the week after and made sure we were happy and understood everything. Would recommend Michael to anyone! He even bought us coffee!

  22. Carly Neubauer says:

    Fabulous service!
    Michael was amazing and so friendly!
    Came out to fix the problem on the same day as my phone call, checked everything, explained it all thoroughly and even called my internet provider to discuss any issues.
    Definitely recommend!!

  23. andy says:

    Michael came out and fixed my internet, now it runs 10 times faster than it every has.

    Thanks very much.

  24. cindy says:

    What a great service. Thanks Michael very much. Mr Michael is very helpful, friendly and professional. My internet is working within 5mins by his help. So don’t waste your time with other technician’s. Highly recommended Get A Tech .

  25. olivia says:

    Excellent service from Get-a-tech! Michael was friendly and professional. Internet was up and working very quickly. Thank you so much.

  26. Rachel says:

    Darren from Get A Tech was fantastic! He was very patient, helpful & willing to show me everything he was doing, so I was on the same page. I couldn’t recommend him enough, he went above & beyond anything I ever expected. I really appreciate how reliable & helpful Get A Tech were, from the very beginning to after service care! Thanks again!

  27. Hugh says:

    Michael is a champion. After dealing with no-show Telstra techs and the glacial pace of TPG, we called Get A Tech. Michael came out the next day (Saturday morning) and had us up and running in no time. He was quick, friendly and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to call him again or recommend him to others.
    Thanks Michael!

  28. David says:

    I contacted about a fault in my ADSL service.

    My Internet service provider first assessed the situation over the phone to make sure the provider wouldn’t send a technician for nothing.

    The Get A Tech technician came at the agreed time and gave me a comfortable notice. He fixed my problem in a few minutes.

    He was friendly, polite and competent. He even installed a new phone socket because he thought the old one dodgy.

    Great service, thank you.

  29. Josh says:

    Michael from Get a Tech, cheers for everything mate, internet is finally back up thanks to you dealing with TPG for me.

    A+ service.

  30. When life turns lemons and all is a mess… Just grab on the ol’blower and..Get a Tech!

  31. ben says:

    Great too deal with, and very helpful.
    He also rang up my ISP and made them pull their finger out. Thanks.
    highly recommended.

  32. Tom says:

    Michael is a good operator. Professional, reliable and efficient. We had issues with our ADSL line which resulted in very very slow internet connection. The connection at the MDF was fine, but for some reason the speed was very slow in our house. Had we gone with the the data company our ISP recommended we could have waited for days before we could get a normal connection. We decided to give Michael a call and fortunately he arrived promptly and was able to diagnose and fix the problem within a short period of time. I would recommend Michael to anyone who are experiencing technical problems with their phone/adsl line.

  33. Ed says:

    Great professional service.
    Michael came at the end of a long day and was able to get me up and running. Really impressed with the service and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him.
    Regards, Ed

  34. Alvin Ng says:

    Michael has been awesome. Been misinformed by my ISP about why I’m getting no dial tone in my wall sockets and I did a search on Whirlpool and found Michael’s number. Took 2-3 phonecalls with him and he fixed it the next morning! Quick service and knows his stuff. Highly recommended!

  35. Belinda says:

    I never write reviews but more than happy to recommend Michael and Get a Tech. It was a small domestic job but Michael took the time to explain the issues and offered options to solve them. He was prompt, helpful and without hesitation I would call him again.

  36. Mike says:

    I called Melbourne Get A Tech on a Friday afternoon for an MDF jumpering, had someone over by 6:30PM and was able to use my internet service within the hour. Very efficient and professional – I know who to call next time!

  37. Michael was able to come out the day I called, I needed him to connect the MDF to my apartment. He was able to do that and at the same time diagnose an issue with the wiring to my apartment. The best part was he was able to organise, with the body corporate, the building warranty, the bill and all the communications. It saved me a lot time and effort. I would recommend him to anyone, great service and expertise.

  38. I called Michael in for some routine cabling work, which he did quickly and professionally. When he was at my office he also identified and fixed a problem that Telstra denied even existed. After 10 years of complaints to Telstra with nothing done, Michael managed to double my Internet speeds. I will be using “Get A Tech” for all my future cabling needs. If Michael is busy, I’ll wait, because when you are lucky enough to find someone who is this good at his job you find it hard to trust anyone else.

  39. Rebecca says:

    Michael came to our apartment on the same day I called which is pretty amazing these days. He was very friendly and proficient at his job! Very happy with his service!

  40. Denise says:

    Michael at Get a Tech is very professional, friendly and most importantly a man of integrity which is very humbling in todays society. He provided services above and beyond my expectations. Our landlord was very adamant that he would not finance cabling work that was required within the house. Michael through his own good will spoke to our landlord directly to explain that he was liable for financing these services. He also spoke to our agent directly on our behalf and achieved success. He ensured we were not exploited due to our naiveity and for that we were very grateful of his services, knowledge and ethics. He was also very enthusiastic. He is the man for the job, someone that is reliable and someone you can trust to do the right thing and beyond.

  41. Brad Dunn says:

    THe only place I go for cabling / tech related stuff. Michael is the best person I’ve met in this space in 14 years.

  42. Eze Training says:

    Michael is fantastic, we had same day service and he went out of his way to fix problems he didn’t have to fix.
    He was professional yet down to earth and a total pleasure to deal with.
    We would really recommend him!!!

  43. Jessy says:

    Michael came out the same day, did a great job and was lovely! Fantastic service 🙂 thank you!!

  44. Michael was fantastic! We had a problem with our phones for over a week and a half, resulting in us purchasing a new telephony set. Michael understood our need and responded very quickly to our request for installation help. Quick, easy to work with and offered solutions to our telephony issues that were sound and cost effective – it also helped that he knew the telephone system we were installing very well and could provide some helpful tips on use.
    Would use Michael’s services again in a heartbeat and more than happy to recommend to others.

  45. Jono says:

    Very good cabling service, came the same day and did a very good job. Great service and was on time.

  46. Kinga says:

    Michael is not just a great professional who fixed our internet connection issue he also provides excellent customer service. We have been waited and fighted for more than 2 months to have our internet connected after we signed up for it, but the company didn’t care about providing a proper service. Michael has not just fixed the connection straight away he also helped us getting the deserved compensation from the irresponsible company. Thank you again. I’ll recommend him to anyone.

  47. As a Property Manager, we deal with many different tradespeople every day of the week. After many frustrations with different companies saying they ‘specailise’ in phone line repairs and installation, I stumbled upon Michael and Get A Tech via Google.

    I have been so incredibly impressed with Michael’s service, right from the very first phone call and on to a number of jobs referred to him since. Every client is handled with care and respect, every job attended to promptly and always in a professional and friendly manner. His expertise is second to none and he has quite a few times undercut other quotes we have had for the same work.

    I can’t recommend Michael and Get A Tech highly enough to anyone, and he has successfully lowered my stress levels dramatically over the past few months since we’ve been using him! Don’t bother wasting time waiting for your ISP’s tech, give Michael a call and get it all sorted out straight away.

  48. David Wills says:

    Recently had an issue when getting connected to TPG.. Waited 3 days for a telstra technician who was pretty much next to useless..(and couldn’t fix the problem)
    So i went hunting for quotes and settled on Michael after being brushed off by many contractors due to the size of the job (very simple and small) and reading some great reviews here and on various forums.. His call-out fee is pretty much the same as others, However it includes more time which is handy for troubleshooting. Michael was excellent.. He had our connection up and running within minutes and explained what the problem was.

    Sheer words cannot describe the easy, straight forward, no stuff around service i received from Michael (Get A Tech)

    If you have any issues i highly recommend you give Michael a call..
    Tell him Dave from the Tram depot recommends him very highly

  49. Sims says:

    Having spent some uneventful hours, speaking to ISP tech support over the telephone, I got Michael the communication technician from Get A Tech to come and solve the networking problem. He was very friendly and understanding to my frustration. He got to the issue in no time and made sure my service was set up ready to go before he left. His efficiency and extra efforts were greatly appreciated

  50. Fire Films says:

    Michael was fabulous and went above and beyond what we expected when we called him out to connect up a phone line in our office. I’d highly recommend Get A Tech and will certainly be using them again whenever the need arises.

  51. Currie says:

    Michael helped us relocate our phone system to our new office recently. He did a fantastic job. Very responsive and reliable. The best thing is he works 24/7. I will definitely recommend him to any anyone.

  52. Michael did a great job fixing our ADSL issue (cabling) within a very reasonable time. Before him, we sent a technician over and after nearly 3-hour investigating / fixing, the network problem still existed. Finally we booked Michael in and he fixed the network issue shortly.

    A great fault finding service provider and I won’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thanks

  53. Fantastic Service!!!!!!!!!! Michael did a great job transferring our computer and telephone system from our old office to our new office, where we are now. He is reliable and works in a very effective, efficient and timely manner. When ever we encounter any problem, ring up Michael and he act on it straght away. He ensure that everything is resolved and that we are happy with the end result. Great work Michael. Keep up the good work.

  54. Richard says:

    Excellent cabling service and reliable time estimates made for a much better experience than working with my Internet Service Provider. I encountered huge problems with the connection and spent hours on the phone to tech support. Called in Michael and he made sure the service was up and running after installing a direct line to the modem. Problems with the ISP meant a second callout and he sorted everything out plus gave me information on how to address the situation with the ISP in future.

    Wish I had him on my side from the get go as his knowledge and people skills are second to none.
    Cheers Michael.

  55. Judith says:

    Thanks Get A Tech! We were having problems with both the phone and internet systems and Michael came (when he said he would) and fixed everything. Not only that, he checked our sockets and changed one because it wasn’t right; made sure that the internet was working all the time, rather than just when he fixed it (how many times have techs walked away and the thing crashes when they have gone?); explained the telephone system and how it all worked in a manner that I understood. He even cleaned up our computers while he was here. Thank you for making it all look so easy!

  56. sjced says:

    Thanks for reliable service, competative prices and an excellent job. We were pleased with the outcome and happy that you could fix what other “big” service providers couldn’t. I would recommend your business to anyone in Melbourne.

  57. ICT Matters says:

    Michael was fabulous when I needed to sort out connecting to my new ADSL2 naked service. He arrived the day after I rang him, he was very personable, grappled with the ISP and Telco people who were giving me the run around and explained everything I asked him, so I understood what was going on. The Telco technician turned up the very same day to fix the problem that they should have fixed in the first place!. Thanks Michael for going the extra mile.

  58. Michael provided faultless service: prompt, responsive, professional and most importantly, he knew exactly what he was doing with my networking fault – a great relief after dealing with our telco supplier who were the exact opposite. Highly recommended.

  59. Mohsin says:

    Excellent service, prompt response and great communication. Well sourced and excellent working knowledge of all possible pitfalls. Helped me out with quick network cabling service at competitive price. Will definitely recommend his service to anyone and everyone! Thumbs up!!

  60. Illiterate says:

    Michael at GetaTech has fixed a few of our cabling fault issues, and he’s been great. Can’t imagine how he could do a better job. Speaks in English too, rather than technobabble, which is nice. Worth every penny to get the business network running again. Will use Getatech again very happily.

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