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Get a Tech is a trusted brand. We are professionals in delivering bulletproof solutions. All our solutions are already tested and just work. Time is money. Our focus is to allow you to do what you do best.

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Networking Solutions

  • Work From Home Solutions
  • Business Grade VoIP
  • Business Grade Internet
  • Office Fibre Networking
  • Managed Networking
  • WIFI Solution Management
  • Data Cabling Certification
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Managed Networks

Get A Tech supply quality trusted NBN and private fibre services.

We pride ourselves on providing a great service being able to do what other companies have failed to achieve. Let us know how we can help.

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Get A Tech Is A Licensed TPG/AAPT EFM Dealer, Offering A Complete In Home/Business Configuration Service

Do you require an internet service that works to its full potential? Do you require a complete ADSL service? Or do you only require an MDF service?

You need to call Get A Tech!

At Get A Tech we have years of experience in getting fast reliable ADSL services connected to the home and business offices.

So if you require high speed wireless Internet call Get A Tech Melbourne. Also service and install Ubiquity Wireless Networks. Hotel cable and wireless Hotspots. Public Wireless Hotspots. GSM gateways installed these are connected to your phone systems MDF Not sure about you but ONE Internet outage due to cabling issues is one too many. Why should you have to get a coffee…. While you wait for a slow Internet page to arrive? We have customers that have waited months to fix their ADSL services. With multiple technicians arriving only to disappear, with the fault staying behind. We normally fix it first visit, unless there are serious cable issues or ISP (Internet Service Provider) requires works on their network or at your Telstra ADSL2 exchanges DSLAM. If you require ADSL2 Cabling form the MDF we are ready to go. Issues are not always strait forward as companies like Optus, AAPT, iinet, Internode , Dodo, Virgin mobile, Bigpond, Telstra direct, Southern cross telco, Westnet, Vodafone, EFM (Ethernet in the first mile), Primas, Soul business EFM services, iTelecom and TPG. Use Telstra’s copper network.

Get A Tech Data cabling is second to none At Get A Tech we not only fix your ADSL we can also fix your VoIP services and computer networking issues. More than likely we have already experienced your issue before. Customers are best to use a licensed Communications Technician. There are a lot of recommendations to use a licenced electrician? No offence to any electricians that have a good knowledge of communications. But most electricians have no idea about MDF’s or central filters and what an ISP is! Most electricians have no idea how to deal with ISP’s and fault find network issues. This is a fact! Good communication technicians have a vast knowledge of not only telephone and ADSL networks but ISP’s. We can get you online quicker. Get A Tech preferred cablers Melbourne. Company’s like Get A Tech Melbourne www.getatech.com.au deal with ISP providers every day. So we can normally deal with issues promptly. In saying that, they still have the ability to surprise us too. Don’t wait months for resolutions. Get your money’s worth Get a tech that knows their stuff. Whirlpool has a link to licensed technicians.

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