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Get a Tech is a trusted brand. We are professionals in delivering bulletproof solutions. All our solutions are already tested and just work. Time is money. Our focus is to allow you to do what you do best.

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Networking Solutions

  • Work From Home Solutions
  • Business Grade VoIP
  • Business Grade Internet
  • Office Fibre Networking
  • Managed Networking
  • WIFI Solution Management
  • Data Cabling Certification
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Managed Networks

Get A Tech supply quality trusted NBN and private fibre services.

We pride ourselves on providing a great service being able to do what other companies have failed to achieve. Let us know how we can help.

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About Get A Tech

 Get A Tech – Information Technology, Connecting Australian Business, Data Cabling Technicians Melbourne. Australia’s Data & Voice Specialist. Business Wireless Communications. Based in Melbourne and communicating worldwide, Get A Tech takes pride in giving the right advice.

Calibrated Certification Cable Testing Available.

NBN Rollout Map

Get a tech is your first choice, fully qualified and accredited communications cabling specialist in Melbourne. Get a tech is based in and services, all of Melbourne.

*Get A Tech Melbourne offers 24 hour turnover on MDF CBD jumper, in most cases setting up of router is included. Get A Tech offers a complete service with a strong knowledge in computer networking. Get A Tech is a TPG and soul dealer. Call now for a complete MDF jumper. NBN Services also available.

Get A Tech cable certification services are available. Cable certification can diagnose and help rectify network issues. We can check all data copper cabling and help eliminate troubleshooting your Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6A cabling. Your network cabling is the foundation of your businesses network. Our meter is always calibrated and ready to go. The Fluke DSX-5000 meters help diagnose intermittent networking issues with ease. Our technicians are trained and qualified to test your offices structured cabling.

Get A Tech Phone & Data Services – Telephone  Services cabling Melbourne’s needs with knowledge of most cables Australia wide.We cable all telecommunications such as Cat6 data cabling,Cat5 cabling,Voip Faults,Cat5e cabling,Structured cabling installation,VoIP Cabling,Structured Cabling Maintainer,Data patch cabling,Gigabyte upgrades,Cisco switches supplied and installed,data points moves,central filters,ADSL jumper,VoIP,ADSL2 line connections,Yealink,MDF Cabling,cabling Richmond. Internet technician near me

Get A Tech Data & Phone Services – Telephone Services cabling all your IT needs. Melbourne based, Get A Tech can get you talking. Cabling for fast ADSL, Computer Networking, Data Cabling, Telephone fault, MAC PRO Apple networks, iPhone 5 and iPad business solutions. Get A Tech wireless Ubiquiti Networks and solutions also offered.

Get A Tech is Melbourne’s Premier Cabling and wireless Specialist.

Get A Tech is cabling Melbourne’s needs with knowledge of most cables Australia wide. I cable all telecommunications such as Cat6 data cabling, Cat5 cabling, Cat5e cabling, Structured cabling installation, Structured Cabling Maintainer, Data patch cabling, Gigabyte upgrades, Cisco switches supplied and installed, data points moves, central filters, ADSL connections, ADSL2 line connections, MDF Cabling. Ubiquiti Wireless Networks.

Get A Tech supply managed internet services in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and anywhere else you require quality internet services. We also troubleshoot NBN internet connections. Fibre To The Building or FTTB as it is referred, can be tested with our in house VDSL2 testing equipment. We also offer business grade HFC and Fibre feed NBN services. Our service is premium and most of our customer service is based in Australia, depending on your selection of internet provider. All our providers are highly rated in internet bandwidth and service. Our services are designed to maximise your businesses networking experience. Static IP address are available on all business services. We can also supply carrier grade fibre services with speeds of 1000/1000. Call for to qualify.

Have you been asked about your NBN Jumper to your unit? Have you received an email from TPG indicating that from the MDF to the Unit is your responsibility?  You need to either specifically request TPG do this job, or get your own technician to install a jumper from you NBN A side to the B side.

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