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Get a tech are your first choice, fully qualified and accredited communications solution specialist based in Melbourne. Get a Tech is based in and services all of the Melbourne CBD.

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Networking Solutions

  • Business Grade Internet
  • Business Grade VoIP
  • Hotspot WIFI Solutions
  • Office Fibre Networking
  • Networking Management
  • WIFI Access Point
  • Data Cabling and Design Design
  • MDF cabling and repair
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Melbourne Data Cabling as well as Phone Cabling Melbourne Business

Get A Tech Australia offers tested and proven solutions

Do you have an office with ADSL2+? Does your internet run really slow at times? Have you contacted your ISP and been told to restart your router? During this time did you stop work? We have proven solutions That work!

If I told, we could fix it would you believe it? Well we can! Everything from service delivery to deployment of suited services and hardware. We can supply services that work. ADSL2+ is not suited to current cloud and VoIP services. Feel free to increase your office productivity call Get A Tech!

ADSL Melbourne Services ConnectedDo you have phone issues? Get A Tech specialises in phone cabling Melbourne! We will get you online ASAP. MDF Jumping 0405433387

Our technicians are experienced Professionals. Licensed and are accredited in connecting your building to your telephone network including tagging phone lines to your Main Distribution Frame (MDF). Our technicians carry a wide range of phone & wiring products for every job! 

ADSL MDF Cabling Melbourne

Get A Tech
ADSL MDF Cabling and MDF Jumper Melbourne

MDF jumper Technicians are ready to connect your MDF. We have knowledge and technology to repair MDF connections with all ADSL, EFM & not to mention Wireless Point to Point Services and Fibre.

Get A Tech is a ADSL TPG dealer simply goto www.getatech.com.au/tpg and sign away. Get A Tech Business managed ISP connections, save your time and money Get A Tech offer a complete internet ADSL2 MDF service. We connect naked services from your buildings main distribution frame. Don’t risk a incomplete service. We will work with you to give the best result possible.

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